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March 23, 2017


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Yay swimming!

Sadly, I skipped my swim today because a migraine left me worried I wouldn't have the spoons for both it and the duties of the evening. Now that those are out of the way I wish I could swim with the last of my energy before dropping exhausted into bed.

Pretty impressive, swimmer-lady! I took a hatha yoga class once, and the instructor did the simplest neck stretch - just turning one side to the other, very slowly - but I remembering feeling like I could probably turn it all the way around, owl-like, after doing that. Might help you!

I belong to a gym in my office building (because if I need to travel more than 2 minutes to exercise it's not going to happen) and about 1/3 of the people who belong to that gym seem to work for my company. So I have been forced to develop a certain amount of comfort with being seen by Jen from Sales (or insert other professional acquaintance) in nothing but a towel. There's also the funny flipside of seeing Guy from Yoga Class by the coffee machine and thinking, "So that's what you look like with pants on..."

So, I am pretty fat (not as a value judgment, but as a factual statement) and I just did a day of onsens in Japan. You have to be completely, 100% naked to do an onsen. It was pretty intimidating and terrifying to be naked in front of all those people (including my friend), but I did it and at the end I felt ... better about myself. Or something like that.

In locker rooms (as in life), people are generally paying more attention to themselves than they are to anyone else; embrace your nudity!

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