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March 19, 2017


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Ohhh my friend. I love a chance to recommend Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. Videos of all lengths (from 6-10 minute quickies to full hour-long workouts) with a lighthearted, relaxing but not too woo-woo vibe. I do them often. And I'm also up for a strength training challenge of some kind - if I don't find time for yoga, the most exercise I get in an average day is makinf plank "tunnels" for my 2yo to crawl through, so I could use a kick in the pants. Can't wait to hear other suggestions.

I really like the Fit Star app (from the fitbit people) for strength training. There are about a dozen free workouts, they range from 7 - 33 minutes and it tracks your calories even if you don't have a fitbit. Now that it's Lent, I find that I'm dragging on the exercise front but there's no good reason why I can't add 10 minutes of exercise before I hop in the shower.

YES! I need help w/strength training. My favorite YouTube yoga is Eckhart yoga (I can't resist a kind German accent) but I'd like to try the ones others have mentioned, too.

I've been liking Robin Long's 30- and 21- Day Pilates challenges. I think it's under "The Balanced Life" on YouTube. 10 minute workouts, tops.

Saving the other recommendations here, because those sound great and, like, el-e-e, I can't resist a German accent.

Ooh, this sounds good. Now that it's light out a bit more I've started running a bit more but I really could do with some strength training. And I really should try to make time for some yoga. I'm loving the suggestions!

There's Youtube PiYo?? I might love that. (I keep nearly ordering PiYo DVDs, and this would be a great way to test things out.)

I sometimes enjoy the 10 Minute Trainer DVDs. (Let me re-phrase: I always enjoy them...when I do them. Which I don't do often enough to feel right saying "I enjoy them" in a way that makes it sound like I'm even close to regular about this....)

Since they're so short, once I get my act together enough to do one of them, I find I might as well do one more, and maybe even one more after that. They've got a bunch of different things, from Pilates to boot camp to dance and everything in between.

Must check out the FitStar app too.

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