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March 01, 2017


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Ugh. Not surprised.

oh dear... :-(

That's so disappointing. So, so disappointing. Does he accept reports of physical altercations or racist graffiti, and then stand around and do nothing about them because he didn't see the perpetrators in the act? Does he not see the conflict with what I assume is the school dogma? Does he answer to a board of directors or some other higher body?

That's so disappointing. He's treating it as an isolated incident rather than using the report as a wake up call to address it school wide. If he would take ownership of the problem at his school, he could get everyone involved in making it better. Instead he trivialized it. I'm really sorry that he's chosen the path of least resistance.

But but but . . . there ARE things he could do. How disappointing.

Disappointing but not surprising.

This does make me mad. It's such a dereliction of duty and a sad lack of leadership. Schools deserve better than such wishy-washy lukewarm nonsense.

Late to the party, but...UGH.

Of COURSE there are things he can do. He can educate. He can discuss. He can listen. He can pull dark things into the open where the light can get at them.

He can do what he would do for ANY problem that he didn't personally see happening, but was told exists: watch, listen, and educate.

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