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March 05, 2017


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I'm thinking of taking my daughter to see Hidden Figures - would it be appropriate for a 10yo?

Beautiful posting! Awesome paper topic...it's something I would give my students to read and discuss!

Thank you! There's absolutely nothing inappropriate in it, Bearing. I think they made it suitable for math-loving girls on purpose. She might find it a touch slow-moving, but only a touch.


I'm looking for a voting button so that I can comment "plus one".

The first calculus-based physics class I taught at my present job had two dozen men and zero women enrolled. I made an effort to point this out a few times, just to encourage the students to wonder whether that's a thing that is (or that should be) normal, and whether there is anything they could do about it outside of class. One day H was sick and came with me on a day that I taught that class; the very first thing she said afterwards was "Why weren't there any girls?"

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