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March 18, 2017


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I sang this my first year of graduate school, and it was.... AWE-some. Amazing thing to be part of.

Perhaps it depends on what you're supposed to be good-enough on and what demands the more exacting standard. Prudence, right?

A friend introduced me to the GKChesterton quote, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly." I have a tendency to over-overthink things, until the project never gets out of my brain (or now, off my pinterest folder board.... because somewhere out there might be *exactly* the right thing). And the spiritual work of mercy never makes it out of my mouth....

But huzzah for the Beautiful. Mrs. Darwin talks about the need for amateur theatre, and then also the need for the truly professional that shows us what CAN be - might be worth reading along with this post (but I can't find it at the moment).

I don't think good enough and transcendent are mutually exclusive.

Despite the many takes that did not make it into the CD, I'm sure the choir director can hear yet more things that are less than perfect becausetgecjoif is made up of human beings and such we all are.

Adopting a good enough attitude is not the same as slacking off. For me, it is a recognition that while acknowledging that there is always room for improvement and while being aware of possible improvements, the good enough that I have to offer today is still valuable and effective, sometimes even transcendant.

Lauridsen is what I hope heaven sounds like.

I love your thoughts about "breaking the Mass."

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