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March 16, 2017


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This sounds really encouraging to me. And you both speaking up is HUGE.

Also, the student talking back is just ... I can't.

So often I read you and wish I could just press "Like". I have no words of wisdom to add, no insights, but I am so glad you're doing this. Silent cheer maybe?

I opened my news reader tonight specifically because I wanted to hear how your meeting had gone. So glad you found a kindred spirit.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, I gave a student in a Catholic school detention for using an anti-Islamic slur. He claimed I gave him detention for being a good American. The fact that we have slipped backward to the place where a kid doesn't understand why he's getting a detention for saying anti-Semitic things is disheartening. But there is nothing to do but keep pushing each other forward.

Will you please post a link of an antisemitic article from Breitbart?

I don't spend much time at Breitbart for the same reason I don't spend much time at Addicting Info: I'm not going to give very much of the space in my head to extreme voices, regardless of their affiliation.

I am primarily concerned about the community Breitbart fosters and its self-identification as "the platform for the alt-right," in the words of Steve Bannon. Content analysis of Breitbart's comments over the past 4 years illustrates a clear trend toward more extremist positions. This includes increased antisemitism.

This is referring to the comment section of the blog, where anyone can leave comments. Show me an article, written by a Breitbart writer that is antisemitic, in your mind. If I post an antisemitic comment here that does not make your blog antisemitic, obviously. I can show you 100 different online news agencies that are left leaning with racist comment threads. Please link an antisemitic article. Breitbart is not antisemitic. It is conservative. Period. Steve Bannon is not antisemitic. To call him so, is a slur.

One more time: I am explicitly concerned about the comment section at Breitbart, where the site owners have allowed alt-right ugliness to flourish. If you post an antisemitic comment here, I will delete it, because I am responsible for this space. I am quoting Steve Bannon himself about Breitbart being a platform for the alt-right. His words, not mine.

Yeah, Karen, the comment section alone is a reason not to want kids to get a "steady diet of Breitbart," as Jamie put it.

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