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February 26, 2017


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I support you. Now more than before it's important not to keep silent about antisemitism. Maybe the recent news of vandalism, bomb threats, etc. targeting Jewish people will have come to his attention and make him more receptive to your message.

Our district has a program called Running Start where kids (especially Juniors and seniors) take classes at local universities rather than at the high school, and graduate with both a high school diploma and college credits (some kids pretty much have an associates degree by the end).

If your district has anything similar, maybe the senior can enroll at the public school to get his diploma, avoided the whole GED thing, and I think get a break on tuition costs as well (maybe not an issue with his connections).

Good luck. Go get 'em. And all that stuff.

If it comes to it, the are slot of high school diploma options for a motivated teen.

As far as school options go, double check with local high schools (even ones outside your attendance area) for online programs. Around here (I'm one state north of you) there are lots of options for online home schooling through a public high school. I can't speak to the quality of the curriculum of these programs, but if he's largely going to take university classes, that probably won't matter and his diploma will be through a brick-and-mortar school.

Courage for the letter! It's the right thing to speak up about. Perhaps the principal's ears will perk up this year during the Passion readings. Hail, King of the Jews!

Good luck. I'd be procrastinating, too. Gahh.

Prayers for you! I just have to say that your children sound like awesome people, and I hope that you all find a resolution.

I think it is important to say something to the school not only about the weak response to anti-semitism but also about the pervasively un-Christian attitude your children report. No one will know there are objections to the way things are going unless someone says something. It probably won't do any good unless more than one person says something, but at least the school will know why there is some resistance and also that you're talking with your pocketbook by not re-registering the kids.

I support you in this. I'm conflicted about the GED. Here is some food for thought on it: http://learningpath.org/articles/GED_or_High_School_Diploma%3A_Which_is_Right_for_You.html. Plus, the military considers it as lesser than a diploma for enlistment, if that is on the table.

Oh dear... I'll pray for you as you write this letter. Sigh... and I love that people gave good suggestions regarding the boys' schooling next year. Let's hope you can find good compromises.

Yes, I was going to suggest what Beth did. The GED is likely inferior in impression either to apublic-school diploma or a homeschool transcript. Public school or homeschool or online public school, especially with college courses, are all good options.

Good luck. It sounds like a tough email, but an important one. We all need to speak up.

I believe Gladlyville Community College has programs specifically for hs juniors & seniors where they earn both HS and Univ credits simultaneously while being physically located at the community college.

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