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February 08, 2017


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walleye, fish, kids.

Fish, parrot, ledge. N

Fish. Porch. Bird.

I'm sorry, I tend to be fuzzy in the morning.

Bird, fish, chair

bird, alight, fish

Bird fish wire


Fish, parrot, claw

sit, tree, bird

perch: fish, bird, stand

I do love word associations. I've gone back and done that one a great many times. My sister and I used to play a word association game. One night it was quite late and we were lying in bed talking in the dark instead of going to sleep. She said Nagasaki and I said ligthbulb and that had us roaring in laughter for hours for some reason. The kind of thing that can only be funny at the moment and you can't explain why. Probably in part because when faced with a great horror you can either laugh or cry. But I think the unconscious association between the two words in my mind was from the film Empire of the Sun when Jamie sees the atomic bomb and says it looked "like God taking a photograph" and somehow that became atom bomb-->photograph-->flashbulb-->lightbulb or something like that, with all the middle terms gone. And that's the funny thing about word association, when what we grab on to is not the immediate association but really a few steps removed but the whole thing goes so fast that we sort of miss the steps in between and the word pair seems a little incongruous.

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