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February 01, 2017


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That is lovely. Thank you.

(Also, yay for geeky language posts 🙂)

I might have to join Twitter if my Facebook feed doesn't get a bit less depressing soon. It is not helping my PPD to feel as though I am scrolling through a postapocalyptic YA novel.

OTOH I am doing that scrolling while nursing a little baby, who is basically an embodied future participle.

You are the first person I've encountered whose Twitter feed is a respite from political and social anguish online. I mostly follow children's book authors and still find Twitter too overwhelming.

Sojourner, "while nursing a little baby, who is basically an embodied future participle." <3 <3 <3

The geekiness of this post made my day. I'm sad to say my Latin is so rusty I can't translate that tweet without hunting up several reference books.

But geeky grammar gets me every time.

This warms my heart -- and reminds me that the future participle in Greek can also express purpose or intent in addition to the futurity: it can be "going to verb" or "about to verb," but also the (hopeful) "intending to verb."

Love these comments! Embodied future participle! Intending to verb!

Jody, it's not that my Twitter feed is cheerful, exactly; it's just carefully curated.

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