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February 10, 2017


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Many churches are scared. I don't defend that, but it can be hard to act bravely when taking a firm stance in the political world may very well cost you money for the roof. The churches whose identities have already been ones of radical inclusion and activism will do better now, and those of us in denominations who have had other priorities will struggle to take our place. I'd like to think that we have all been one body and that now is the moment for the foot or the knee (or whatever humble part metaphor works) can show the rest of us how to serve. It's so hard when we are all looking at Jesus (I'm gritting my teeth as I give people the benefit of the doubt) but hearing such different calls to act.

I agree. Although, I'd like to grumble that my parish website is not steering anyone anywhere. Even when there were wildfires displacing hundreds of people 15 miles down.the.highway.

I wish I knew the answer about getting better traction online with Catholic parishes, but it's almost universally abysmal. I think institutional memory and continuity are bad, there's no perceived value or rarely by either the pastor, the staff, or even the parishioners. And people aren't willing to tithe to parishes and thus parishes are cash poor and aren't willing to spend the money to hire someone who really knows what they're doing to do social media and websites. And volunteers are unreliable. And then even when someone good does volunteer, they're hampered by what the pastor lets them do. My husband used to manage our parish's website. Then our pastor was reassigned early and we were merged with a neighboring parish. That pastor was not interested in keeping the website updated nor in managing the FB page. My husband was basically told his help was no longer needed. And now there's no website to speak of at all. Just old Mass times and maybe the bulletin if the secretary remembers to upload it. He was also working as social media director for a different local parish collaborative. And then when money got tight he was cut. Even though the pastor is a good family friend. They simply don't value it and can't pay for it.

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