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January 05, 2017


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The link is to this post, not the old one, you can fix it later. OK, so if you decide you're not going to wear this, I can buy it from you. It's got a bunch of my favorite colors in it. I'd wear it!

here's the link. It's SOOOO pretty! http://www.mostgladly.net/cj/2016/10/perhaps-we-are-all-being-punked.html

I... don't knit. So much mysterious vocabulary!

#BL05, sheepishly

I want to learn to knit. How do I begin? What would be an easy project that I could accomplish and feel good about? I'm okay with a boring rectangular scarf, which seems like the obvious choice, if it was a boring rectangular scarf I made! With my own hands!

Also, I'm left handed and hopelessly muddled about remembering which is left and right. Is that going to complicate things?

I think it's great! Stylish, modern, different. It has flair.

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