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January 03, 2017


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None of my kids can tie their shoes very well, and since he taught himself algebra, I had to devote some time to remediating some quirks of my oldest's math-related speech (e.g., teaching him to say "x squared" instead of "x-two.")


Wow, he's in high-school and had never been to a barber/haircutting place! Fascinating! I cut my husband's hair (with clippers on the sides and scissors on top) for about 10 years, but I'm done with that. I've cut my youngest son's hair a few times and done an OK job, but it's a different story with the oldest (a long story which involves me ruining is preferred haircut forever, that is until he changed styles a few months before 8th grade graduation, so I'll skip it) -- he's very particular about who cuts his hair! Oh, and just today (interesting timing), we both FORGOT (by 18 minutes) his haircut appointment that I had scheduled back on DECEMBER THIRTEEN!!! and it was the first spectacular parenting fail of the year. We've re-scheduled for Thursday, but that means he goes back to school tomorrow with bad curly hair. :-( (don't you hate parenting fails like these??)

Curious, what's the school code for hair? It was BECAUSE of the stupid code that I ruined Kelvin's hair. :-( (showing the ears, short in the back, not touching collar)

As a homeschooler I often wonder what weird gaps my kids will have in their knowledge, what things I assume as given will they simply not know. My boys have never had a professional cut as I started cutting Dom's hair around the same time I started cutting theirs. Now I just line them all up and do them all at once.

But you know I've had my hair professionally cut many times as an adult and I still feel weird anxiety about it. Maybe because mostly my own mom cut my hair and I've mainly kept mine long as an adult and just need an occasional trim to even it up and I never ever want styling or coloring or any of those other things women have done. I never know how much to tip, I rather hate the chitchat. I always fear I'm breaking a hundred unspoken social rules. I'm at the point now where I usually just hack a bit off the ends myself rather than deal with the fuss and anxiety of having it done for me. Since I usually wear it in a bun or braid no one will ever really know, after all.

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