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January 18, 2017


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Oh, it's a good thing that that a loose tooth does not cancer make. My 6 year old, whose teeth were close to being ready, and then my four year old, whose teeth were not, both are front-toothless after some dramatic falls in the last week. It's like little brother couldn't stand being left behind, but he has a long road ahead until the adult teeth are ready...

Ben hates loose teeth with a passion. He's got a new one right now and is complaining loudly about it hurting. He was so very distressed when he got his first loose tooth and I think half of it was that everyone was paying attention to him. He hates being in the spotlight.

I used to have a running joke with a friend that every minor affliction was probably cancer. You know, Friend 1 complains, "I have a paper cut" and Friend 2 says, "It's probably cancer."

(Then her husband got melanoma. He got better but it still seems in rather poor taste to ressurect a cancer joke.)

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