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January 06, 2017


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All of my knitting consists of wonky washclothes from cheap cotton yarn. It's a good way to practice. If only I could manage to graduate to new and improved projects.

I will caution to make sure your yarn is cotton. Michael's and Joann's are filled to the gills with acrylic. You don't want that.

I clicked on one of the older post links in one of the previous posts and was re-reading the beginning of this post: http://www.mostgladly.net/cj/2016/10/crafted-out.html

(too lazy to use html to make the link look pretty)
and I realized I'd never even heard of mirror glaze. That's how ignorant I am of the world of baking fancy cakes or desserts. WOW, it looks beautiful! And I found one vegetarian version, actually (with agar-agar). And because it has condensed milk I felt like making it. SOOOOO pretty!

I still have to learn to knit one day. My sister has been trying to teach me and the two older girls on her occasional trips, but they aren't long enough or frequent enough for me to make much headway.

Bella did finish a very wonky dishcloth. Which she gave to me last Christmas. (Or was it for my birthday?) In any case the first handknit by one's oldest child is much too precious to be used as an actual dishcloth, therefore defeating the idea as you lay it out of " It will free you from the get-go of the idea that handknits are Sacred Objects that must be treated with reverence." It is still nestled in my bathrobe pocket, fingered lovingly, and will probably eventually make its way to the wooden box where I keep baptismal candles and ultrasound snaps and other motherly treasures I can't bear to part with.

Thank you! Icy roads are keeping me off the streets, so I'm browsing yarn online...

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