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January 24, 2017


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So much of the work i do is in direct response to EPA regulations. The EPA recently passed "improvements" to certain waste rules that will make the burden of work significantly higher on university personnel across the country with little to no actual improvement on the environment.

While I see the problems with the larger issues like this, I am also deeply skeptical because I see the impacts of some of their goofier rules on a daily basis.

I always appreciate your perspective, Mary.

I just tried to hit "like". Whoops. And I always appreciate your perspective!!!

My spouse is an environmental economist. His entire job focuses on overall costs and relative benefits, and he is profoundly fearful for the future. This isn't reform of bureaucratic inefficiency. This is wholesale abandonment of our public goods because it serves a few narrow corporate interests.

Im terrified of what comes NEXT week, to be blunt.

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