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January 04, 2017


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I was only ever a reader and a commenter. I don't have it in me to blog. I'm new to Twitter, but I like it best. I appreciate email replies, it's the only way I won't miss a reply.

I don't know Lissa but I've come back to my blog this year because it's almost secret again. I have 800+ followers on twitter and 300+ friends on facebook and the burden of writing for that big an audience shuts me down. I started blogging in 2004 when I got pregnant with my first and was going to stay home from law school for a year. It was a lifeline. The blogs I read were a lifeline. That interaction has mostly moved to twitter which is fine, but also overwhelming in it's volume sometimes. I find out about new posts either on twitter or on my feed reader, which I still use and check daily. I only return to comment sections on a couple blogs with active comment sections, like Swistle and Penelope Trunk: Education.

I'm also only a reader/commenter. In the early years of blogging I felt like I couldn't blog because I wouldn't know who my audience was. I realized somewhere along the way that that is exactly my problem--that I care too much about pleasing all my audiences--and that blogging could have been (could be) a way to pin myself down to who I REALLY am, but just don't see myself ever starting! I comment most on blog posts themselves, because I don't have Twitter and I don't follow most blogs on FB..... I do appreciate email follow-ups, because more often than not, I assume comments I make don't warrant further follow-up, so I won't go looking for responded to my comment. (This is also a function of the fact that I read blogs through a feed reader and only go directly to blog sites for the purpose of commenting, or if the post itself makes me want to read the comments, such as when recommendations are solicited etc.) Personally, my favorite way to have a conversation with a friend WOULD be to email back and forth, where it's not public and where I would feel free to go on as long as I like. I read quickly and I feel cheated by short posts--I am amused when someone apologizes for a "long" post that I have read in fewer than 2 minutes. I love longer-form articles and long blog posts, so I am glad that some bloggers still write them!

Moi! We're still alive and kicking, though the past two years have been our lowest posting years ever. I do miss the early days of discussion, but it seems like a lot of that has migrated to Facebook -- and yet if we don't link on Facebook our readership falls off. We post at least once a week, and generally twice because there's two of us, but back in the day we posted shorter thoughts more frequently. Rather like Facebook, actually. Also, when we were younger we thought we knew more, and wrote the sort of wise posts that drive popular traffic. Thank God those days are behind us!

I would like to write longer, more thoughtful posts, but I don't seem to make time for it. Lately it's been a moot point as I've been too sick, but I'm coming out of it and feeling human again.

I do actually check back on blogs for replies to comments, although I'm the worst at replying to comments on my own blog. I never sign up for those "notify me about a response to my comment" features, maybe to preserve the thrill of checking again for new comments.

The commenting thing really is a conundrum. I'm reminded of a post I wrote a few years back about how, when I was a mom of young kids, I could never find/meet other moms at the park because everyone seemed to have their own swingset in their backyard. I thought of the blogging community as the park, and then Facebook (aka, the swingset in everyone's backyard) came along and ruined everything. :) I should dig that post up and see if the analogy still works.

You know all I think about this. I LOVE the email responses, though! Especially if it's something more personal that you would rather not talk about in a public comment section. You know I comment and come back to read responses and comment back, etc.. There are a few rare blogs where this still happens (Laura at 11D is an example of that. The day she added me to her blogroll was the apex of my puny blog's "career" (ha ha ha, she laughs sarcastically -- I did make 600 dollars of my blog one year, though!). Anyway, Please add me to your blogroll, I will be posting more often this year. Thanks for bringing up this beloved subject of mine! The only reason I don't blog more is that I feel people don't read anymore. And i HATE HATE that I kind of "have" to be on facebook if I want to keep up with old bloggy friends. I resent that, really. I feel sad that they all left blogging behind. Sigh... facebook is a poor substitute, not to mention that it's tracking our every move and getting info about us and not letting us choose what to see. I could go on and on. EVIL! :-( Sigh... sorry for the rant. But that's another thing that blogging and commenting does for me -- the writing and ranting and the commiserating together is so therapeutic and cathartic! OK, long enough comment!! my style, always!

I should have added breaks/paragraphs. :-(

"Also, when we were younger we thought we knew more, and wrote the sort of wise posts that drive popular traffic." Boy howdy, isn't that the truth? I was such a smartypants back then. Now I'm reduced to: look, I drew a bear! ;)

Jamie, I have to say I really loved getting an email reply from you to my comment the other day (even though I haven't answered yet, because I'm a disgrace at email). I do tend to return to posts I've commented on to see if there are replies, if there isn't a notification feature. (I'm not entirely sure the notification feature on my own blog works consistently.) I've often pondered this topic when people comment with questions--if I answer on the post, will they see it? If I reply directly, might other interested parties be missing out? If I have a substantive answer, I'll sometimes just turn it into a new post.

I've been reading blogs for a long time, and occasionally commenting. I thought about starting my own, but didn't until I really thought I could contribute something to the internet (and it's a blog on a particular topic that I share with my husband).

I don't facebook and my twitter is tied to my blog, so email and comment boxes are the best. I'll check back if I think there will be more discussion.

I didn't have a blog back in the day nor did I comment often, but I read them all the time. I never had a feed reader or subscribed to comments. I would visit each blog every day and come back to see the comments. The thrill of hitting refresh.

Now I have a blog that I have found terribly hard to write since I quit my job. While I was working, I had vast amounts of time in which to craft long, long posts. And now? Well. I think I need to shift my idea of what a post should be. I shall endeavor to post more.

In 2005/2006 I was a junior in high schoool, which meant that I a) knew everything about everything and b) had oodles of free time with which to explain to strangers on the internet all the ways in which they were wrong. I didn't actually start a blog until 2007, but close enough, right?

Now I have a 3-year-old who requires weekly speech and occupational therapy and a 2-month-old who requires my all-consuming devotion, as newborns do. Most of my internet time is on my phone while the baby is nursing and the toddler is climbing on my head. It does not lend itself to thoughtful postings. (Add to that the stress and uncertainty and hormone-induced depression of the last year...)

I'm less inclined to write long blog posts now (kids are older, I'm busier, and I made my blog private a few years ago), but I do still read blogs and comment and hope for replies. I check email all the time so that works for me, but replies within the comments thread feel more open.

Recently I had a thought for a new blog... I'll let you know. I'd certainly be honored to be listed in your blogroll!

I just love the blogs. I don't use FB or twitter and still miss Google reader. I use Feedly which is adequate but head to the actual blogs to read and comment. I really enjoy seeing answers to questions in the comments. I'll check back for new comments when there's a great topic being discussed.

Btw Lissa, I loved your bear!

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