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January 01, 2017


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First, I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, and have been a silent reader for a while, brought here by Miriel. (I repeat ZETZER to myself mannnnnnny times a day).
I just finished my dedicated time of thinking/writing about 2017-- I did things in reverse this year, and started with tangibles/to dos, and then pulled up to philosophy and theme. The short version is I want to move my energies slightly away from domestic work to creative/creation work (which can look like many different things, of which I made a long list). I say that as a business owner, who really works a lot, but feel that my energies have been sapped by growing and feeding tiny infants these last four years. I'm ready to widen my efforts, and my energies. I can't wait.

Happy 2017 to you and your family. Thanks for your writing and thinking here- it's been very helpful to me.

I feel like 2016 has been kind of a treading water year. Dom's rgoing over what we did for his year in review blog post and I'm rather heartened to see all the field trips we went on. I've been in a slump for most of the year, bogged down in sloth, mental apathy. I think for this coming year I want to blog more because writing helps me to be more accountable and to keep track and remember. I'd like to take on a reading project like reading the CCC or the Bible, but I'm a bit too scared to bite off that much. I feel too fragile, too afraid that something that big might threaten the homeschool and family equilibrium. I've got four kids all doing academic work this year and I'm still figuring out how to balance all their needs and really I think a lot of my feelings of bogginess are the sense of disequilibrium that has caused. My five year old has become a proficient reader but my seven year old is still struggling with the alphabet, and that has been a weird dynamic too. The five year old is trying to do all the work of a first grader and that's created more work for me. I want to feed his fire, but I really wish I could keep more focus on the pokey seven year old who is often not so sure about this school stuff. My goal for 2017 are get the 7 year old reading and then prepped for first communion if I can. The big barrier there is going to confession. This child is brutally shy and never talks to anyone who isn't immediate family. Getting him to talk to a priest is going to be an uphill battle. He might be waiting another year before he's ready to cross that threshold, which is a bit of a shame because he's otherwise really solid on the Real Presence and the Creed and pretty solid on the Ten Commandments.

Jamie, I'm always impressed with how you set challenging reading goals and actually accomplish them. I'm good at making reading plans but then I spark to some new topic and have to go squirreling off in that direction. I do have a general reading goal this year that ought to be achievable, which is to keep up with new YA fiction releases as they come out so I won't have to pound sixty of them in two months during Cybils season.

I'm much more in the habits school of resolutions. The sketchbook habit has stuck; that's probably my most successful. I have five daily boxes I try to check off in my planner -- read, draw, blog, walk, stretch. I seldom get all five boxes ticked in a day. Especially that 'blog' box--but as you know I'm trying to do better with that one!

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