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December 05, 2016


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I love that O'Connor quote so much because it is SO true. I think we all love to troll through our archives, whatever kind of archives they may be (memories with friends, old diaries, old blog entries, photos, etc). I wish I had kept up blogging as I cannot remember so much about my life, and I dislike having photos taken so there are literal years of my life with no record whatsoever.

I think I have been reading your blog since close to the very beginning and you are one of my favorite bloggers. Your wit and intelligence is clear throughout your entries and I like the stories you tell. And we got to meet once, too!

I'm glad you blog like it's 2004. I do miss the old days.

Thanks for writing so faithfully! I find that I rely on my archives to find out what I was doing and thinking at various times. Even if I didn't write directly about whatever was going on, there are enough signs in the posts to remind me how life was at that particular moment. Also, often I'll think I wrote something a few months ago, and it turns out to be a post I put up five years ago. Writing keeps thoughts fresh.

All that I can saw, is that I am glad, that you do what you do. I have been reading your ongoing missives for 10+ years now, and I always look forward to them. :)

I too am glad you do what you do. I think it's wonderful that you have this log of information. I would that I were not so easily swayed by the blog-optimization/monetization crowd: "No! You must have a single topic! You must have giant pictures!"

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