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December 12, 2016


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It IS a tough gig. I appreciate you sharing this incident -- I have a particularly difficult kid and it's isolating when all you hear from others is how great their kids are and you're in the weeds thinking you're the only one struggling.

The part I feel crummy about is constantly being sure I'm **not** doing the very best I can.

I'm sorry you had to go through something that caused you to fret. I hope the experience and your response bears fruit.

A friend of mine says, if you're worried if you're a good parent, you're probably fine. It's the parents who think they're doing it perfectly that are the problem.

And I think your plan of being quiet (as much as possible) to make space for the Holy Spirit was a good one. Kids need to know we're still listening, even when we're mad or disappointed, and the more we talk the less we're listening.

I believe that most of the time you're great parents with great kids, and for those of us in the weeds of difficult children and difficult years, it's nice to know even the great ones have rough days. :)

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