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December 16, 2016


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Oh my! It's still going to hurt your heart that it happened.

I'm sorry! I may disagree that it's not a genuine problem. It is definitely a fixable problem, and thankfully can be fixed with money. But it still hurts in a way, and is scary. Please be gentle with yourself, dear friends.

It's still a time and no-car problem. And a Scared Family problem. I'm so sorry!

So scary. The roads have been terrible!

I'm so sorry...

I'm so sorry. I'm so glad they're OK.

2016 really just needs to be DONE.

I'm so glad to hear they're okay!

Oh no dear! I'm glad it all can be fixed. Please try to concentrate on this small positive side. I know it's hard not to be shaken up, though! Sigh... Hugs & prayers.

Oh! I'm thankful they're OK. Keeping you all in my prayers.

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