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December 09, 2016


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Getting rid of legumes would be a non-starter for me. We eat too many bean based vegetarian meals. But I definitely need to clean up my eating.

Can't do Whole 15 since we're Greek Orthodox and surviving on legumes and grains, but we're no meat until Christmas. Need to get back to the work outs. It's been since Thanksgiving!

No way! I'm barely over a cold, the temperature has plummeted and snow has fallen and I usually run outside and bike on the now ice-covered streets, and I'm making a crazy in-and-out visit to my parents from Monday to Wednesday -- there will be no Whole 15 food there. But I will cheer you on from afar! It's great idea -- we always end up sick right around Christmas from all the sugar and unhealthy food. Maybe for 2017.

I'm in! We had our annual Christmas party last night and I feel like a little sausage this morning.

Good luck! When I first read this post I had a pan of sticky buns rising on the counter. They're now gone. Maybe a January/February 30 just for something to do during the cold.

But I'm trying to do Pilates once a day for 30 days. Does that count?

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