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December 20, 2016


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Getting the curl cream for my sister! Thank you for the suggestion!

Ooh, totally trying the hair stuff. It's time to shake things up here.

Actually, having surveyed the hair stuff at the store, I see it's for people with tighter curls than mine. Sadly, my hair, though still holding a nice curl, is more relaxed than it used to be (thinner too, alas). Better stick to Frizz-Ease here.

Nothing has the right magic for my hair. I am doomed to look unkempt until I can get the Screw It, I'm A Gray-Haired Old Lady pixie cut.

(Until then, I am too short for the pixie, lest I resemble an actual, if somewhat overendowed, pixie.)

OK, fellow curly-haired friend... I'm curious! I have "converted" to DevaCurl products precisely a year ago (and have yet to blog again about it) and I am relatively happy. So... does this particular brand have any products for FINE, thin curly hair? Because the one you show probably wouldn't work for me. Just curious.

Have you ever tried DevaCurl? Particularly their "no poo" cleaner? It helps me!

I have converted to the curly girl dry cut* and have the DevaCurl products for special occasions, but my favorite everyday product is the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding. I find the Shea Moisture stuff works but leaves my scalp with waxy residue.

* - So freaking expensive, but I've learned to trim my own hair and can now go longer between cuts. It has been nice to get a cut and NOT HOLD MY BREATH the whole time, hoping they don't mess with it or get into an argument with me about how taking the thinning shears to my precious curls will tame my frizz. (It will not -- been there, done that.)

Colette, the dry cut is THE WAY to go for curlies, I think. I don't go to a DevaCurl salon, I just go to a hairdresser that knows how to cut and color curly hair and she does it dry. It's not horrible (40 per cut, her usual). So you don't do the "no-poo" regimen? Well, I'm asking this, but don't know if you'll check the thread. ;-)

Maybe I should check out Carol's daughter products!

OH MAN! Too bad I'm going to be out of the country for over a week or I'd be ordering these Carol's daughter's products right now at Amazon! Not expensive and sounds great! I'm so glad you wrote this post, Jamie! I hope Colette chimes in again and/or other people recommend other products.

Eh, as long as Jamie doesn't mind this becoming a temporary Curly Girl Forum, I'll keep blabbing. I've had a hard time finding a regular hairstylist who will cut my hair dry, so I'm willing to pay for a good cut three times a year.

I would love to be a complete "no-poo" convert, but as with most things I'm bad with absolutism. Maybe my hair would curl perfectly if it got my scalp's natural oils or maybe I'd look like Dapper Dan with all that grease. I haven't had the wherewithal to try it out yet.

I received a silk pillowcase for my birthday and I'm SO EXCITED to see if this is as magical as the Amazon reviews said it would be for curly heads. Will report back from the trenches.

I can't no-poo because I swim twice a week.

Chlorine + my hair + no-poo = bad.

Curly Girl Forum = fine by me.

Will have to check out your hair pudding, Colette.

Silk pillowcase: it feels nice?

I've only had it in use for six days and this has been a week where I've defaulted to a ponytail more often than not. Hard to say whether or not this is the One True Pillowcase.

Ooh illustrated Rime of the Ancient Mariner! That needs to go on my wishlist!

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