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December 04, 2016


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Any and everything you write is fascinating to me, really. I'm just delighted you're still around, I miss having more bloggers to read. I know I should have added other blogs to my reading list after many people quit... sigh... but it's hard to make new friends when you're getting old (haha, lame excuse).

Anyway... anything is truly great!

It just gives me joy to read whatever you write. I WOULD be interested to see how your lentil soup differs from mine.

Underacheiving ballet mom, heh. Right there with you.

My mind is abuzz with hors d'oeuvres recipes since I am throwing my annual cocktail party this weekend. What are your favorite recipes for a crowd? What do you love to make when you're having guests over for dinner? Any new recipes you're excited to try?

I am going to make a bastardized version of Chicken Bastilla in tiny phyllo cups for the party. Very excited about it!

I am always interested to read everything you post. My favorites are child-rearing and the Faith.

Well, can I turn the table round and ask why you still blog - what do you enjoy?
Also, what you think your retirement will be like. No reason, really, just curiosity.
Wait wait: favourite music! And favourite unexpected music (not a ska fan, I'm guessing?)

In a time when everyone's blog has to be hyper-focused and SEO'd and whatnot, I find your corner of the internet comfortable, like tea with a friend. (I admit to skipping the R posts.)

I love that you knit, cook, read intelligent books, and speak intelligently about them. I love that you parent with care and deliberation, teaching your children independence and fostering in them the ability to think. It is delightful to have a friend (even just one I eavesdrop on via the internet) with children older than mine who still enjoys them. I hear stories about your children and think, "My boys and I aren't alone and this is where we are headed in a few short years."
Thanks for sharing this window into your life.

I want to hear about your cantoring. Is there a choir? Were you ever a member of it? As a fellow cantor/choir member (who thinks she might not want to be a choir member anymore, for several reasons), this would interest me.

Also, do you have to raise your hand up to "bring the congregation in," and do you dislike doing that as much as I do? :)

Oooohhhh, I really dislike the raising hand thing the cantors do. Disclaimer: I've never cantored. It seems to me you should be able to lead with your voice and if you've been to Mass more than three times, you pretty much know when it's your turn to sing so it is a pointless gesture. Is that an #unpopularinternetopinion?

@Jenny, I love it! Thank you for affirming my humble opinion!

Just echoing others--I love reading pretty much everything..especially about what you're reading and about how you navigate child raising and how you deal with being an academic with a family.

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