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November 29, 2016


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This. Exactly. It's shocking to me how little voters will settle for in a leader as long as he checks the right box on a single issue, while missing entirely the bigger picture.

I think that a lot of this is on the church, in some ways. It wasn't until I went to Catholic college and worked at one that I realized the depths of the Church's teachings on these things. Catholic Social Teaching was not something I had heard of in the pews. Or at CCD. I'm not sure how one fixes this, but it's out there.

Isn't burning your flag without a respectful flag ceremony like burning your own home down? Its a stupid thing to do. Reverence toward the flag is reverence to our values. Alternatively, when a divorced person can't take communion, hasn't (s)he lost her citizenship in the church? The Catholic faith has such punishment.


(1) Even stupid speech is protected by the First Amendment -- for which I give thanks.

(2) It isn't true that divorced persons are barred from Communion. Divorced and remarried persons are not supposed to approach for Communion.

(3) Not being permitted to approach for Communion is not a punishment.

(4) I am not sure what you mean by "losing citizenship in the Church" because as far as I know the terminology of "citzenship" is not one that is used by the Church to describe membership in it. Regardless, it isn't possible for a person to "lose" membership in the Catholic church, either voluntarily or involuntarily-- that membership is conferred permanently and irreversibly by Baptism.

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