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November 13, 2016


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I'm so sorry you're being touched by ugliness so close to home.

Leave your porch lights on.

That's outrageous.

I went to Villanova. I am sick that something like this happened there. I walked through the tunnel they talk about countless times -- my dorm is on the other side of it.

This is worse though. So ugly. While the pumpkin bars may be a poor defense, they are meaningful.

We have had a half dozen talks with our kids about these hate crimes this week: what/why/what to do/etc. They've been the easiest parenting talks I've had so far, because the right thing to do is obvious. It doesn't make it any less heartbreaking though.

An Episcopal church in my Diocese was vandalized by Trump supporters. I wrote a letter to my boss, the head of an Episcopal school in the same Diocese saying I hoped the school would speak out clearly against the hate crime and also move toward having bigger conversations about race.

Now Boss wants to hear my thoughts on how we do that. I wish I had answers.

Update: my neighbors seem really calm about the situation, much calmer than I would have expected. So while I am still outraged, I am less worried about their state of mind.

You could also offer to watch for the visitors.

I wonder how anyone would know the vandalism to the church was in fact Trump supporters? I'm a Trump voter and do not hate minorities, gays, or women. I am a woman and I have an african-american niece and nephew who I dearly love. This seems like an attempt to demonize Trump supporters. Are there crazy, ill-meaning people who voted for Donald Trump? I'm sure there are, but I can guarantee they do not outnumber the crazy, ill-meaning people who voted for someone else.

It doesn't matter, in my view, whether an act of vandalism was done by Trump supporters or by anti-Trump people or by anyone else. Whoever did it was committing a crime: certainly of property damage, and if an intimidating message was appended, of intimidation.

I hate it when people suggest that an act that turns out to be a "hoax" isn't a real intimidation because the agent turned out to be someone different than you expected.

The point is, it is frightening to be vandalized. A spray painted threat is still threatening whether the agent meant to scare you away or meant to get you riled up and angry. It is an equivalent crime.

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