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November 20, 2016


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I think that the link between the environment and people's health is either underplayed or under-known (that's a word, right?!). People are so worried about "the environment" but don't always see all the facets. I went to a conference years ago about sustainability in Catholic Higher Ed and there was a talk about the effects of climate change on health (this one was specifically in Africa but the point remains). It was really eye-opening for a LOT of people there, me included. We have a professor here who looks at the links between the environment and public health, but it's so rare. We also have a service trip that takes students to WV to see the effects of mountaintop removal -- not just environmental but the effects on the people. It just doesn't seem like enough.

This particular aspect is not one I knew about, so thank you for bringing it up.

so well said.

I can't even talk about what's going to happen to the environment under four years of Trump/Ebell. It is horrifying. I just lose all sense of composure and intelligence and start raving.

*standing ovation*

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