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November 09, 2016


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You're awesome. That's all.

The New Pro-Life movement is pretty awesome. I don't agree with 100% of it, but 90% is better than anything I've felt in a long time. Thanks for sharing that link.


Jamie I thought you might be interested in this article (titled "The Democratic Party Deserved to Die" by Krystal Ball on HuffPo) - my husband and I found it worth the read, although Huffington Post isn't our usual stomping ground. And I think some of her comments about rebuilding the D party resonate with your inspiring list.


Maybe it's time to get my "Another Pro-Life Democrat" shirt back out and dust it off.... If there is truly going to be a time of soul-searching and rebuilding, perhaps we can make a case for protecting ALL the little guys again.

I need to make a list just like this. Many similar thoughts have been flitting around my head today and I need to get them down. I have a strange guilt that I'm an American who doesn't live in the States and likely never will again. I feel like I've deserted my country when it needs me (which is ridiculous, I married a Canadian and it made more sense to stay here). But still. I need to remind myself of the things I CAN do.

Also, can I just say as a very liberal, non-religious, pro-choice person that I've always, always enjoyed reading about your different takes on issues. It reminds me that even though we may not agree on everything, there's really a lot of common ground to find. With the extreme black-and-white thinking in politics and the media it's nice to see that there are spaces where we can still listen to others who think differently and come out better for it even if our own opinions don't do a 180.

Wow, this is excellent, and I can say the same just with "Christians" there too:

"The idea that Catholics must vote GOP regardless of the failings of the GOP candidate needs to die a speedy death."

I'm glad (relieved? Delighted?) ;-) to know that you define yourself as pro-life Democrat, I wish there were more people who saw things the way you do. As usual, the things you say give me so much hope and make me feel supported in my own journey as a fellow Christian who is left leaning. Thank you.

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