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November 05, 2016


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If someone seems to need medical help, 911 is the right call; it's an emergency. Maybe they need an ambulance, maybe they don't. But in mental health cases, the person may need to be subdued in order to get the help they need. Think of yourself as being their witness to their trouble. What if no one sees them and witnesses them? That's how people fall through the cracks. I'm not faulting you, I'm just giving my perspective on it.

It wasn't clear to me whether this was someone who was experiencing an episode of extreme agitation, responding inappropriately in the moment but able to pull it together again, or whether this was someone in need of skilled assistance. I think the people around me felt the same way. I still am not sure if 911 would have been the right call.

Got it; I think I read more into it. I get feeling like you shouldn't approach the person yourself, and yes sometimes the police make things worse.

Oh, this is beautifully moving. No, I would not call 911 on a black male. I could not trust them and this is devastating. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for trying to get a ministry going. I don't know what I can do too, I hope I can also figure out ways to help those in the margins.

Does your campus have a mental health team? I have the number for our campus's programmed into my phone, just for that type of situation. I also learned that one of our local mental health treatment centers has a 24/7 mobile response team you can call as an alternative to calling 911 (they come in plain clothes and without sirens) and have that number in my phone as well.

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