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November 03, 2016


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*wipes a tear*

You made me cry. Thank you!

What a great day for Elwood. Patience pays off. :)

Awww... this woukd make a great picture book!!

Sigh... you guys don't have a tv or just no cable? Good for you anyhow! We watched until the rain break & headed to bed. Happy for them!! I was pulled in by watching the Yankees in 2000, I think, but we were Red Sox fans & it was great when they finally won!

It was the tenth inning. :)

It was a great game. My BIL is from Chicago so we were all watching with bated breath for him.

Oops, typing while bleary. Will fix.

Yes. This year. Oh man. So tired and happy.

My husband has been "waiting for 58 years for this". Today we spent three hours watching the celebration and went through two boxes of tissues.
By the way, I love your blog.

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