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November 14, 2016


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How did I miss the Selmys piece? She said what I was trying to say, and better. Maybe the Canadian perspective, like a dispatch from a gloomy but more honest future when there is no pro-life party at all instead of one that pretends to be, helped.

I can't bear to read any of it, honestly. I'm keeping an eye open, narrowly, so that I know when my action is needed, because I have no doubt that time is coming. But for the rest, it's too upsetting to delve too deeply. I have to focus on the things close at hand -- do the Muslim families in our school need help today; what are the Latino students worrying about this morning, -!: can I offer assistance -- because to look toward DC is too awful for words.

I need to read it to stay informed. I had a subscription to the NYT, but I also purchased a subscription to the Washington Post. I am scared about what Trump will attempt to do to the free press, so ensuring our newspapers have funds is critical right now.

And don't even get me started on Bannon. As a Jew... let's just say I feel like I'm watching a slow-moving train wreck while his supporters doggedly deny he's courting the neo-Nazi movement (I refuse to call them Alt-right; why should they get an innocuous-sounding title?).

Do you know how you can tell I'm not myself these days? I typed "reign in" instead of "rein in" and clicked publish.

Thank you for the links which help me know even more my not voting for Trump/Clinton. Did vote for others on my ballot.

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