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October 16, 2016


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Can we arrange for my daughter to meet your son in about 10 years?

Awwwww!!!! As usual, a winner of a post! And I really can't compare to you as far as reading and erudition go (even though I have phd in literature). We are not lacking in books, however, although I'm sure you win hands down, like the OED! :-)

Oh, L, I'm sure that's not true!

The best wedding present we got was a Webster's Unabridged (small compared to the OED, of course.) I can still usually find a definition faster than Kelson, even if he starts with his computer on his lap and I have to jump up and cross the room to get the book down.

I think the OED is an extremely sweet gift! And to have one in your home: Lucky you! I love everything about this post. :)

Oh, I always wanted one of those with the magnifying glass, too. What a sweet gift!

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