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September 01, 2016


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I'm firmly on the side of it being gluten. Having done the Whole30 a few times AND having eaten primarily paleo for over a year at one point, I can safely say that it's not dairy (for me, at least). I have never really eaten all that many legumes. So gluten is almost certainly the culprit and I do my best to minimize the amount I consume.

It is really hard, though. It's so easy (and tasty!) to eat bread and drink beer.

I adopted a GF diet in May 2011. I did it at my DR's recommendation because I have an inflammatory bowel disease and all the meds were not getting me as well as I wanted to be. I was resistant. GF looked like a fad for those not actually suffering from celiac disease. But after a year of multiple tests and trials I thought "what the heck" and transitioned from Passover observance straight into a GF diet.

10 days in was the key moment for me when brain fog lifted. I had attributed the fog to menopause (I was 49 then) but suddenly I could read the driest text without flinching. 14 days in my bowel issues were largely resolved.

I occasionally eat a bite of some treat that contains gluten and I'm ok. More than 2 bites will give me runny bowels 12 hours later. I enjoy several different brands of GF beer and GF pasta has improved by leaps and bounds in the past 5 years.

So. Gluten intolerance is a thing that exists. I may have celiac disease - the testing I did in 2007 says no but my gut says that might be wrong. I am unwilling to do a gluten challenge so that a blood test might reveal something I already know - I cannot tolerate gluten. My IBD is not cured by eating GF but I feel so much better.

It's worth a shot, but I would say you probably need to resume your normal eating for a few weeks before you test your gluten theory.

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