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September 20, 2016


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I have said this before, but I think your posts on this subject are so great. Erik and I are starting to plan our family (finally...) since I will graduate from business school in May 2017. My parents expected me to be independent and I hope to do the same with my kid(s). So reading these posts is really helpful. Our neighbors also have very independent kids, so they're a good example too!

Thanks for this. I am struggling with how to give my 10-year-old only child more independence while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. (I know, what's acceptable?) His grandma just moved within a half mile of us, and that has been a perfect starter distance. He has made the trip a few times already. I think - on days when he needs to come to my office on campus after school - I will start having him walk to the one busy intersection and meet me there so we can cross together. And I can send him to the college center to get his own after school snack.

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