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August 12, 2016


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Noooo :( You're very calm about this but there are people who would come away from a haircut like that really upset. I think it's worth going back to her and saying that you're not angry, but next time she should listen to the instructions given. At least get yourself a refund or a coupon for next time! And maybe ask for the hairdresser who told her how she should cut it ;)

BUT while frustrating, it doesn't look all that bad, so that's good at least!! I feel your pain though, curly hair can be stressful to walk into a salon with.

Part it on the other side for a while? It might make it appear a little more even until it's grown enough that you're willing to entertain another cut.


Okay, I have wavy hair, not really curly, but it changed my life to find a lady who could give me the (not really creatively named) "Curly Cut." It seems like rocket science to me, but apparently, stylists are taught/learn the curly cut and then my hair looks GREAT and I can let it air dry and all my waves/little curls settle in. I like it, frankly, because it allows me to be lazy. WORTH IT. When my stylist selfishly was on maternity leave, someone else cut my hair and she gave me the normal, straight hair cut. I went back later (after a suitable mourning period) and my stylist tsked-tsked and cleaned it up for me. The next time she had a baby, I made sure I asked for the curly cut and a more experienced stylist and she knew EXACTLY what to do.

I have no idea what to do with your cut now (and like you said, I can't tell that it's lopsided so you can probably brazen it out), but I would notice ladies around town with curly hair and a nice cut and start asking who cuts their hair. Chances are they have been through the same situation and will be happy to share.

WHEW. I had no idea I felt so strongly about that.

Yelp!! I finally found a hair stylist two years ago and it is so important to be able to walk in, say "make it look the way you always do" and come out happy two hours later. If you don't want to ask actual people, online research is a good start.

Hey, just a thought, have you ever thought about looking for a salon that specializes in African American hair? I cannot imagine stylists who work with black or mixed-race hair on a regular basis who wouldn't know how to approach a curly head. This has been on my mind recently, as the mother of a curly-headed child whose hair also gets super dry, and can't get near a brush without becoming a puff ball - we've been doing lots of research and experimenting with best products, etc.

Oh, Jamie! It looks like you've cleaned it up pretty well. I remember a similar cut in my 1983 school picture - but I did that on purpose. Perhaps you'll start a new retro trend again.

I have stick-straight (i.e. boring) hair but when Milla's hair turned out to be wavy/curly, a friend who has beautiful curls gave me the Curly Girl Handbook. Have you read it? See if your library has it! I lent it to a curly-haired friend and my curly-haired sister and they both said it was a game changer. I believe it even has a section on how to cut your curls yourself, if you are so inclined. Maybe it could help!

Not complaining about a stylist who doesn't know how to cut curly hair seems a little unfair to her next customer with curly hair. You are 46 and zen(ish) but what about the 16yo?

Also, curly hair is not in the same category as "alien tresses from Betazed." It's a category that all stylists need to manage (along with superfine baby floss hair not that I am BITTERLY JEALOUS) and not giving useful feedback leads perhaps to "never learning this basic and essential job skill."

I like the "change up the part" idea for dealing with it in the short run, I guess? The problem is that the only real fix is to go shorter, or invent magic hair growing tonic. And one of those is less possible than the other.

I got this exact haircut two and a half years ago which inspired me to finally, at long last, bite the bullet and find a hairstylist.

My hair isn't as curly as yours, but I have had this haircut before, sigh. If you don't feel like putting the fuss into complaining/finding someone to clean it up (believe me, I understand), have you considered just pinning it up in places? I get a lot of mileage out of twisting strands up and pinning it here and there, and curl is pretty forgiving of how you toss it up. And then you don't have to worry about the unevenness showing.

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