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August 19, 2016


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G went up for promotion this year, as did my boss. Both of them said that it was a LOT of work to get the binders together and that if they weren't promoted, so be it, they would stay associate till they died because they didn't want to have to do The Binder again. I do not understand why you would have to do The Binder for mid-term review. Overachievers with their fat binders make the ones doing what they are supposed to be doing look bad. They are the ones in the wrong, not you.

You will be FINE!!!! And you know, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the matter-of-fact way that you talk about your academic life that does NOT make me feel bad and upset about my own thorny situation.

Just last night a former blogger friend (extremely successful professor at U of Delaware) posted a link to an article from Inside Higher Ed with a list of seven things that are great about academic life (which I didn't read) and pulled a short paragraph from the article. The short paragraph and title of article pushed me over the edge and I wrote a bitter comment (with the proper apologies), but you NEVER make me feel bitter. Maybe it's because I know you well from the thousands upon thousands of words you've written, but I think it's just that you are truly humble and a person truly led by spiritual motivations in life and that makes a HUGE difference.

I think that also explains the difference between your binder and your colleagues. You are an excellent professional, but you have your priority straight. God and family come first. Thanks for your good example and for being the tenure track friend that doesn't ever make me feel bad (my husband generally doesn't, but he my constant bitterness aggravates him. I'm mostly OK, but I had particularly thorny semester.

P.S. I suppose I've written almost thousands of words in comments too, no? ;-)

You will be fine! More than fine! You will be giving them exactly what they have asked for, and they will be thrilled, and you will get tenure. And then, you must celebrate, because that is huge and you have worked so very hard. I'm praying for you, not because you need any help at all, but so that you will feel confident in tying up those loose ends and submitting!

Dr. Gladly,

AFTER you have completed the binder portion of this review (on which you will excel!), please contact me for the story of the final exam at the University of Iowa on which I followed the instructions - and no one else did.


Still a Little Bitter

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