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July 21, 2016


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You are most assuredly NOT alone. HATE HATE HATE the urgency culture, the staring into screens, etc. My oldest is at piano camp this week and same thing -- when stuff gets "boring", the (other) kids pull out their phones or iPads or whatever. GAHHHH.

I have my phone out too much during the in-between times, and I had to adjust to the text-buzz jolt when I got an Apple Watch (I was texting my kids too much in between classes, and I only get 5 minutes, and that's not good for my day), so I'm in no position to judge (plus I'm in a foreign country and what's the first thing I did when I woke up? Check Facebook. Hmmm). But of course I agree with you 100% and am grateful that I haven't seen phones in a lot of the places you describe (possibly the benefit of attending a church service that rarely exceeds 60 congregants).

Is this a day camp, then? E went to Concordia language camp and they forbid phones and it was great for her. Of course, she's been Facetiming her new friends ever since she got home....

Wow. That DR. That's a hanging offense in my book! If there is another specialist available of equal merit, run, don't walk, away from that inconsiderate DR's practice.

I've been a book addict all my life, so I'd be reading my smuggled text during the dull parts of the rehearsals. I have no stones to throw at phone people. (I've been walking into street poles decades before Pokemon Go was invented.) But I agree that sometimes you have to be in the moment and put down the distractions, even if it means you have to be bored for a while.

Oh, I love what Beth wrote and YES, I too was always looking down at something (my mom calls the new generation addicted to their phones the "heads down" generation -- she fails to recognize that she uses her phone a lot too!) -- and it was a book! I walked reading books too.

Anyway... I generally "lose" my phone when I am at home and won't get any phone calls or texts. So I tell people that if they want to talk to me urgently they NEED to know my landline number and call me a home.

I am guilty of a lot of the things you mention on your post, though... and I am aware that this vigilance and my phone are VERY BAD for my ADD... sigh. Kinda fitting to read this now when I had an argument with my husband about him not texting me back today. He's 100% with you. Sigh...

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