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June 19, 2016


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HAHAHAHAHA! You are awesome, as always! And your daughter is a great model for these photos, it looks like she was having great fun demonstrating how to be "safe!"

This is fabulous!! Though you'd better get that helmet fitted appropriately and remember to fasten it at all times! Otherwise you won't really be prepared when disaster inevitably strikes!!!!

I don't think that bubble wrap will protect her nose or mouth if she trips. Shouldn't you cover her face, too? After all no safety preparation ever has negative consequences of its own.

This is excellent.

If she gets bulkier sunglasses those could help protect the nose and then she'd only have to add a mouth guard.

Jamie -
Thanks for reminding me of my childhood fear of spontaneously combusting. My parents should never have allowed me to watch That's Incredible...

She is your mini-me!! So cute. Also, you're hilarious.

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