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June 26, 2016


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All of that sink drain drama sounds horrible, but I kept on asking my screen why you didn't go to the hardware store to get a snake?


Mostly because I was a solo parent stressed out about impending bedtime and a kitchen in need of cleaning with no functioning sink. Because it was Sunday, our neighborhood hardware store was already closed and I didn't want to drive to the big box stores. I also was sternly lectured by a plumber once about the hazards of cheap snakes, and it left me worried about the wisdom of DIY snaking. Perhaps that was his goal...

Oh, dear, what a situation!!!

A couple of months ago I used the disposal to grind some thicker than usual stuff AND clogged up the drain, much to my husband's chagrin. But the solution WAS easy (unlike your situation here), only taking off the "S" pipe dislodged the offending blob.

What happened with your plumbing situation in the end?

Jamie, you are brave and inspirational to even attempt to unclog the sink. I think I would have reverted to camp-out cleaning with a hose and a pot of hot soapy water.

I would pile the dishes up, buy paper plates, and get the plumber in as soon as humanly possibly! I admire you for even considering attempting anything plumbing related independently!

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