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June 04, 2016


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Oh dear, I'm so sorry you've been a little blue. But you need to think of how brave you are to even read those evaluations -- I have the hardest time, it feels like it would be the end of me if I do it. Especially this semester in which I felt pretty bad about my classes the whole time. Sigh...

Glad to hear about the retreat site and how much peace it brought you. I hope you'll cheer up soon and thanks for sharing your thoughts -- I'm hoping that writing this post will have made you feel a bit better, since you're sharing the burden.


I have to wonder if it's a case of one bad attitude influencing the culture in the lounge. It's hard to believe you're not doing a wonderful job, just based on the thoughts, concerns, goals, and efforts about teaching that you've shared here.

I'm about 2/3 through David Copperfield. I think "Trotwood" is the perfect hipster baby name for literary parents. (It's possibly trending right now and I'm completely unaware. :-) )

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