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May 11, 2016


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I'm THREE Days late!! When is the next update/ when are the next few chapters "due"? I will begin immediately and try to follow along! But I haven't completely finished grading and submitting grades yet, HELP! ;-)

I'm so glad you mentioned that David was born in the caul --- that was my clue that I had accidentally bought an abridgement. (And it looks like you linked to the same offender: the Puffin Classics edition introduced by Paolini.) Pengiun's edition seems to have the same first chapter as this online text.

Just popping in to say I'm reading along. Here'something that keeps striking me, and please don't laugh at the predictable mum: the food seems very low on vegetables... Which I guess is not such a revelation, but it does pull me up every time, hearing David subsist on bread and maybe cheese or milk.

I have joined the read-along! Several things nudged me toward reading a good page-turning classic next, so here I am -- partway through chapter 10 and surprised at what Peggotty is willing to accept as wooing!

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