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May 01, 2016


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Oh dear, maybe this time i will ACTUALLY do it, since this is one of TWO Dickens I've actually read (in college, no less), but the one I have NOT re-read (Great Expectations is the other one). I bought Bleak House last year intending to read it with you, and it didn't work. I LOVE(D?) DC, though, so I want to try and do it. I hope I can find my copy!! And then, I should go and finish Bleak House, no? OK, going to look for my DC.

I will try to join! I am a die hard Bleak House fan, but also cannot countenance the idea that DC is better than Great Expectations or Our Mutual Friend! And I confess to a perverse affection for Hard Times, too.

All right, but I warn you I'm entering this with some skepticism (based on reading DC in high school and in translation, and on my memory of sticky sentimentality). But yes, I'm in.

Oh! I just read David Copperfield! Upon your suggestion, actually. It was my first Dickens novel and it took me all of Lent. I enjoyed it very much, but I think I'm more glad to be finished with it. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

I'm in! Got my copy. Thanks!!

I'm a die-hard Bleak House fan. I don't think anything could convince me that anything Dickens wrote is better than it. Oh I'm sorely tempted to join you. Maybe I'll jump in late when I finish my smaller tome.

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