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May 12, 2016


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All of the people you describe need to get off my lawn. I have a hatred of people and their cell-phone-neediness that is maybe more extreme than it needs to be, but the stuff you describe would've made me insane, too. Good for you for telling the kid to stop with the boxing.

I will say, though, that we are one of those people recording the concerts, for the faraway grandparents to see. What we need, and won't get, is for someone to record the concerts/recitals/whatever and make them available, so you don't have EVERYONE making shaky recordings on their phones.

It's not just you! I always want to say "I trained my kids to sit politely through an hour-long piano recital and you should too!"

Maybe it's because I teach college kids and it's annoying that THEY can't sit through an hour-long lecture without getting distracted.

The video game thing is outrageous. I envy your assertiveness!

"I do not know who could possibly want to watch all the video that was recorded at this concert." THIS. My kids' schools now offer streaming video for the sort of very, extremely devoted relations who are interested in watching from afar or rewatching later. Yet people still record the performances. I do not get it, unless it is for bribery purposes.

Also, I don't think the world is going downhill; we humans have always been thoughtless and annoying to each other (said not in a misanthropic tone, but in a good-thing-they're-cute tone). There are just more ways to do it than there used to be. Or maybe that's not even true, as surely some old ways of being annoying went out with the horse and carriage.

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