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May 10, 2016


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I feel your pain. I love swimming, also despite being slow, but don't do triathlons because I hate swimming in open water while surrounded by the thrashing arms and legs of other people. I want lanes, with ropes and painted stripes.

That said, I find the swimming articles at these two sites to be inspiring and informative:

Definitely take another swim technique class! I took one at the YWCA taught by a triathlete who videotaped my swimming and gave me very excellent tips and drills to practice - mostly about body positioning and the swimming on your side bit that needs to happen for freestyle. Worth every penny - and quite inexpensive since it was at the Y.

I think I swim like you do so I don't have any advice there. I'm so excited for you though!

If I can hit and take hits from women who are way bigger than me and generally keep up with women who are 15-28 years younger than me you can totally work this swimming thing!

I hear you on the freestyle-panic. I choose other strokes :) so can't help there. Someone taught me side-stroke when I was younger, which has head-out enough for me to breath, but can be more comfortable than breast stroke: "pick the apple, put it in the basket" was the image for the arms. http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/sidestroke-swimming-technique-1.html

My "survival" technique when required to rotary-breath is to do it every third stroke, because somehow that seems to match my breath needs better (less breathless panic = better swim for me), and I don't mind not having a preferred side. Bad technique, but works for me. And I marvel at my children who do it so well :)

...and if you practice with your "cute little swim skirt" for drag, then you'll feel all light and fast at competition time in something less dragging :)

This is who I took the course with at the Y, his videos are helpful as is his website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoeL_QF2mSSRZwpdx9Nhj3Q

I only learned to swim *properly* in my late 20s and it was through an adult swim class. I grew up on the water, swimming and waterskiing, and even swam across the lake at summer camp once, but I had never actually been taught correct techniques by a coach.

So, surprise, I would recommend that you hire a coach for a session or two. Try the local Master's swim team, if there is one. My swimming friends are constantly refining their strokes and sharing techniques they've learned -- just like in your running groups, I'm sure.

The coaching videos at goswim.tv used to be free to view and that is how I taught myself to do flip turns! I didn't master them during the class I took, and then I spent years just doing spin turns, until I decided to woman up and learn the flip. There's still a blog with some free videos: http://blog.goswim.tv/

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