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March 30, 2016


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In my area, the corner storm drains are partially vertical, integrated into the curb, and the vertical part is not grated. (This kind: http://cdn.patch.com/users/1203025/2012/09/T800x600/8c5f83e6cdf4b530b5f154a571660316.jpg) Raccoons come and go quite freely and you can see them exiting during heavy rains.

I consider them noxious pests so wouldn't be too bothered by the thought of one drowning! They are very abundant in my neighborhood and frequently prey on backyard chickens as well as pets.

They are not at all abundant in my neighborhood! I had no idea they lived in storm drains.

I was puzzled at church recently, wondering what on earth "Type A prayer" could be. Then, ah, oops, realized it was "Taize prayer!"

When I lived in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) stray dogs lived in the storm sewers. It was like a network of secret dog tunnels. You'd see a dog trotting along and then just vanish, because it had hopped into a storm sewer and headed down a culvert.

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