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March 10, 2016


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"It depends" is a statement that necessitates prudential judgment (my favorite phrase, yes), and it's deeply antithetical to those who feel like somehow, regulating every phase of birth is the best way to keep babies safe.

I remember reading your home birth posts oh so many years ago! They were super helpful :) One of the reasons I felt really comfortable with a home birth is because of my location. I'm in an urban area, midwives here have a four-year midwife degree (post bachelors), they are fully integrated into the health system, and in my city they seem pretty well accepted by the rest of the medical community. They do both hospital and home births, are well known in the hospitals by nurses and doctors, and if I had to transfer to a hospital, my midwife would stay with me and be part of my team. It's really a good model and great for mothers and babies -- I feel so lucky.

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