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November 26, 2015


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WOW!!!! I had never ever heard of that German cake and it sounds SOOOOO scrumptious! just to clarify, "Grill" in British English would be our broiler?

It sounds complicated, but I feel like I want to try to make this. Is it easy to ruin? I'm glad you had such a great day! (in spite of no Schichttorte). Our day was good, food yummy and I didn't have to wash the dishes!

This year I sadly made a gluten free and dairy free version of the One True Meal. I'm happy to say that the gluten free/dairy free stuffing was edible. As was the gravy. We skipped the mashed potatoes because why bother. I sacrificially made a pecan pie that I ate not a bite of and I cried tears as biting as the vinegar that makes that pie oh so perfect. And I gritted my teeth and declared that next year the allergic toddler Will Be WEANED. So that I can have my Thanksgiving back.

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