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November 18, 2015


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...but you're totally going to let him try it, right? Just for the pre-move-in dust removal (free labor!) and of course, the smug satisfaction of the morning after when he realizes what a goofy idea it was?

I can't wait to hear. ;)

Hah, this is amazing. Insulation issues aside, I 100% identify with Joe's desire to sleep in a secret-secret room. I always wanted some cozy nook that was away from everything else, especially when I was a kid. Even now it sounds appealing.

I don't know about Swedish, but in Norwegian it's "Jeg vil sove i en eske!"

We had a secret attic room that I slept in as a kid.I LOVED it. I could make believe I was poor mistreated orphan AND I could hear the rain on roof pattering without the insulation dulling the sound.

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