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November 10, 2015


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Love this sooooo much!

You are a riot. I love NaBloPoMo.

Love it. So fun to see the leggings in action :)

I love your sweater so much.
I had a rough day, so I pulled out my ancient, grey, mottled sweater that I really should retire. But it's my comfort sweater! I was looking at it sadly, wishing I could find another sweater so wonderful someday. It would never, ever, ever occur to me to make my own. I would be so very bad at that.

Hey, Kira, sorry to hear about your rough day. I got into knitting when I went back to school, because I was reading so much for school that pleasure reading wasn't as much fun. Maybe it will work for you too! If you tuck a little potholder-in-progress into your bag for those moments when you have to wait for somebody, you'll be making sweaters before you know it.

Total love! And now I have to knit those damn leggings for myself too!!!

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