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November 09, 2015


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There is a tree at the playground across the street from our house. I used to hoist Tay up to the lowest branch and let him climb. After we did this for about a month someone sawed off the lowest branches and we can't climb anymore :(

Along the same lines: what were your kitchen rules about kids using the knives? My husband was not thrilled when he saw me letting Tay use the chef's knife to cut celery.

Do you read Bearing's blog? She has some knife safety posts. I asked her if she'd be up for writing about it, but you could also poke around in her archives profitably: http://arlinghaus.typepad.com

My policy is "whenever you want to," but my kids haven't been very interested in kitchen tasks. I could tell any of the boys to go chop me an onion, but I don't really have a narrative about how they learned to do it. Hmm.

This is why I plan to allow my children to run around feral in our neighborhood. You know, my hypothetical, theoretical children...

More seriously, I can definitely IMAGINE myself being a helicopter parent (more because I am a control freak than anything else) but I would certainly make a conscious effort to hold back on that because I want my kids to value autonomy and be as independent as I was.

I thought the slide mantra was "Down has the right of way." Also everyone takes care of littler kids.

I had the frequent experience of watching my kid fall down, and then seeing him get spooked by all the very nice moms who rushed to his aid. He'd look over at me and I'd give him a thumbs up, and he'd go off to play some more.

I also had a fairly firm rule that I wouldn't help the kids climb anything. If you can climb up, you can climb down. (They could help each other.) Strange how many of my rules involve me being as lazy as possible.

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