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October 27, 2015


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My five-year-old boy recently stumbled across a sweet series of early reader-type books (he's not reading yet) about a class guinea pig named Fluffy. He fell so hard for Fluffy I went searching for the titles that weren't part of our ebook subscription app (EPIC books for kids is a fantastic resource, btw). I would have never thought to check these out, but if your library has the Fluffy books by Kate MucMullan, everyone is in for a treat.

My five-year-old boy is just five, not yet reading, and only really interested in books with lots of pictures. The long picture book genre is perfect for him now. HIs favorite book for most of the last year is Locomotive, by Brian Floca, a beautiful longish picture book about riding the trans-continental railroad. The pictures are beautiful, the text flows easily, you can feel the excitement of this new thing opening up a new era, and the pride the crew takes in their machine and their work. Just lovely. And trains!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. My Gabriel turned five in July 2015 and is reading up a storm: we have a difficult time keeping up with his voracious reading appetite, and I want to influence it in a good way.

I'm ordering the Greek Mythology books! Tay reads well (he's 7) but we can't seem to get him that interested. We have a couple of Gerald McDermott books that he is particularly interested in but he's more interested in animal encyclopedias that are more pictures than words.

I was like that a bit when I was young, I think. I loved to read but I also liked looking at the pages and pages of animals in the World Book Encyclopedia at school.

My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett was a favorite for my three boys and me. It's enjoyable to read aloud and is interesting for the adult(s) as well as the kid(s). I loaned out our copy and never got it back, and felt strongly enough about it to buy another even though my youngest was almost too old for it. I'm someone who does not feel the need to own many books when a perfectly good library with more books than we can ever read exists just blocks from our house, so you can take "had to own it" as a strong recommendation from me.

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